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Over the decades, I have been providing the Houston area with assertive defense in a variety of cases. My record speaks for itself. From full charge dismissals to "not-guilty" verdicts, I am determined to seek the best possible outcome for your case. I have always been on the side of the accused; advocating for the individual citizen against the power of the State. If you have been charged with a crime in Houston or its surrounding areas, contact me immediately; delay in hiring an aggressive lawyer is the beginning of a poor result. Take charge of your defense now.

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Attorney George Tyson

George Tyson


I have been defending clients for so long that the courtroom is second nature to me; its my workshop. Growing up in a family of ministers, I learned early on that the most rewarding work involves helping people. My desire to help "citizens accused" combined with a naturally competitive attitude have made me well-fitted to serve as your criminal defense attorney. I began to advocate for Texans in law school and have been steadfastly challenging the prosecution, whether state or federal, ever since.

In 1991, I became board certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, an honor that only 5% of all practicing lawyers have accomplished. I have handled an abundance of high-profile cases and have had the privilege of representing people from all walks of life, from all financial classes; the powerful and the weak. These people all have one thing in common when charged with a crime; they are powerless without a great defender standing between them and their accusers.


Why Choose Me?

Guiding Families Through Trouble

Have you or a member of your family been accused of a crime? I understand that being convicted, or even charged, with a crime can have major effects on the rest of your life. Focusing my services in the state of Texas, I have lifted the stress off of the shoulders of individuals and families. I suggest that if arrested, you do not speak to the police; its your "right" to be silent; you can always talk to them after consulting me. Think straight, realize the severity of your situation and contact me immediately so I can talk begin building a cogent defense.

A Personable Take on Advocacy

When you work with me, you will know exactly where your case stands. I am straightforward. I will answer ALL of your questions and tell you what to expect during each step of the process. My goal is to put you at ease and work to get you the best possible outcome taking into special account your personal facts and circumstances.

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Bold Strategies Constructed for the People of Houston

I know the struggles and pain that can come with being charged with a crime. I have been diligently serving the people of Houston, and Harris, Galveston, Montgomery, and Brazoria Counties for decades.

Over the years, I have successfully handled a plethora of criminal cases that, at first blush, may have seemed impossible to navigate. But experience teaches that all cases can be navigated if properly guided and handled. Through diligence and accountability, I can work to guide you to a better result and future. Do not give up. Let's face these charges together.

I am not intimidated by bad facts. In fact, I enjoy challenging the officers, investigators, witnesses, statements and forensics in every case. But all cases start with the basics. So oftentimes, the police will want to speak with you before filing charges. If you have been arrested, keep calm and quiet. Invoke your Fifth Amendment "right to silence" and call me.

Whether you have been arrested for a violent crime, like battery or domestic violence, or need an assertive DWI attorney, contact the Law Office of George Tyson today for a free consultation.