Record Clearing & Expunction Lawyer

George Tyson can help you if you have a criminal record.

Every day Texans are arrested by mistake only later to have the charges dropped, found not guilty or dismissed. Each of these events are permanently placed on your criminal record and are made public for the world to see... even minor offenses like public intoxication and disorderly conduct can be viewed by potential employers or landlords. However, under current Texas laws many of these offenses can be removed.

Texas has several forms of record clearing including expungement and orders of nondisclosure or record sealing available for many persons subjected to former charges:

  • Expunctions are generally defined as a type of lawsuit filed by an individual who has a criminal record and desires that certain portions or the entirety of that record become sealed or destroyed. If your expungement petition is successful, you can legally state that you were never arrested for or convicted of the crime(s) that were previously on your record that have been expunged.
  • Motions for non-disclosures  can be used if you were convicted of a crime and you successfully completed a deferred adjudication. Mr. Tyson can petition the courts to sign an order of non-disclosure. If your petition is successful, deferred adjudication case results and details could be blocked from public access such as employers and properties.


In almost all cases involving these options, the client is not required to go to court. Let Mr. Tyson determine if you are eligible and then let him handle your record clearing case.

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