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Domestic & Family Violence Attorney in Houston, Texas

What is Domestic Violence?

Assault family violence - also known simply as domestic violence - is considered a public epidemic that affects families of different ethnic origins, classes, and races. Assault family violence can be a pattern of coercive or assault behaviors which include threats, intimidation, deprivation, stalking, social isolation, sexual assault, psychological abuse, and physical injury.

It is important that you know what constitutes assault family violence. It is NOT due to heredity, sickness, anger or stress, drug or alcohol abuse, and the victim’s behavior. In the U.S., this is one of the major problems faced by society. This violence is quite significant both to the witnesses and the direct victims. It also encompasses elder abuse and child abuse.

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Accused of Harming Your Family?

Dealing with Domestic Violence Charges

Texas assault family violence is not a simple matter. You should be aware that it can jeopardize your parental rights forever if not handled well in a timely fashion. Just imagine paying fines as high as $4,000 and 1-10 years in prison! Handling this kind of misdemeanor offense is not easy. The police can arrest an alleged abuser as long as there is some evidence and what the police believe is "probable cause". There are times when the district attorney or police will press charges even if the family members don’t want to pursue the case. In these situations it is absolutely critical you speak to an attorney.

The strict enforcement of laws regarding domestic violence is due to the increasing instances of abuse and arrests. The laws were changed to protect the victims and to prevent future occurrences of abuse.

The first offense can entail a fine and imprisonment of one year. Things can get really complicated if the defendant has been convicted of domestic violence in the past. If this is the case, the person can be charged with a 3rd-degree felony. If proven guilty, you will be issued a protective order, required to pay fines, and be exposed to prison for 2 to 10 years.

With the "Continuous Violence Against the Family Act" that was created by the Texas state legislature, anyone that repeats the abusive acts within a year (or a rolling twelve-month period) can be charged with a 3rd-degree felony. Even if there was no previous conviction, the victim, together with the district attorney and police may press charges against the defendant.

The courts in Texas may require the accused to wear a GPS to ensure that the person doesn’t go near the places where the victim is present. The cost of using the GPS is paid for by the defendant.

Next Steps...

Handling assault family violence can be eased if you can still address the underlying problems or issues as a family. Seek the help of professionals. The circumstances may require the accused undergo therapy or counseling. This not only aides the posture of the criminal case but is often effective in preventing future problems.

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