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Client Testimonials

He went out of his way

I had something come up, quite unbelievable to be honest, and really didn't know what to do or where to turn, since I had never been in this predicament. I made contact with Mr. Tyson. He was out of town attending a funeral but he still made time to listen to me. The case is in San Antonio and he was very honest in that I should use an attorney in San Antonio. He said that if I didn't hear from him by 2 pm the following day, then he asked me to contact him back. Well, he contacted me a few hours later with the contact of the top attorney for my case. George Tyson did something a lot of business don't do today, he went out of his way for me. Many thanks George Tyson!

December 12, 2018

Honest and Excellent

I originally contacted Mr. Tyson and asked him to review my case and give me an honest answer about what results I may have. I was charged with a 1st-degree felony and every lawyer I talked to told me I was going to have to deal with this charge heavily. Mr. Tyson predicted he could reduce my charge from 1st-degree felony down to a state jail felony. Needless to say, and happily as well, he was %100 able to do so, I walked away with a special probation and had my felony deferred! I couldn't ask for a better result. He is also instantly recognizable in the criminal court building downtown. His case reviews are free and I've recommended my friends to give him a call if they run into any trouble.

July 8, 2017

Excellent Lawyer; He got me a full dismissal!

I retained Mr. Tyson this past spring to defend me on a criminal mischief charge. After reviewing my case, Mr. Tyson explained the legal process to me and what he would be doing. He also provided me up-to-date statistics on his trial and dismissal records. They were excellent. I told him that my goal was to have the charge completely dismissed. He assured me that there was no need to take any kind of deal with my case because outright dismissal should be doable. In order to do that, he explained, we may have to keep going to court until we got the desired outcome but that this was all included in the retainer -- the only additional cost would be if the case had to be tried. He did explain to me that there was a possibility the case would have to be tried if he couldn't get the prosecutor to drop the case otherwise and that this would be an additional expense. "Some cases just have to be tried." That being said, I was confident that had the case gone to trial, Mr. Tyson would have provided the best representation available to me. Now I am working with him to have this charge expunged from my record. All in all, I would recommend you at least have your case reviewed by Mr. Tyson.

October 10, 2014

Excellent Attorney, Wonderful person

This is an amazing person and a GREAT attorney. I have known George for a while. He helped me get a bogus DWI case dismissed. I would recommend this attorney to anyone who has criminal charges.

November 23, 2011

Excellent DWI Attorney

I had a brush with the law a few months ago while visiting Houston and was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. It was a pretty terrible experience, as I knew very little about the city. I called a few attorneys and spoke with them - all of them seemed competent and promising - however, after speaking with Mr. Tyson I felt like "this is who I need to use if I really want the NO BS, take care of this now kind of DWI attorney." (As an out of state guy, the DIVERT programs, etc., where not an option that locals have, so - and it probably really wasn't like this - but I felt like it was all or nothing.) Mr. Tyson was able to get the case dismissed before going to trial based on a lack of evidence. I can't thank you enough for all of your help! Truly an excellent defense attorney.

June 14, 2011



June 6, 2011

Outstanding Attorney

We hired Mr. Tyson to defend our son. He gave us a clear explanation of what we could expect of the legal system and kept us informed during each step of the process. Mr. Tyson answered all of our questions clearly and concisely and gave us excellent advice regarding our son’s case. During the course of the case, we learned that he is well respected in the Texas legal/judicial community. It is our feeling that the outcome of our son’s case would not have been as fortuitous with a less knowledgeable attorney.

May 5, 2011

Kept me out of trouble!

I had an altercation with a subcontractor when I was building a house. The short of the matter was George Tyson helped me stay out of a court situation by giving me good sound advice and coaching me as to what to say to the law enforcement personnel who were investigating the case. He definitely kept me out of trouble and saved me alot of time, money, and grief! Glad he was around! I definitely will use him again if the need arises.

May 3, 2011